Jack webster

'I have always been fascinated by Ulverston and it's people. Market Street in particular is a sprawling subject of culture which I consistently revisit each year. 

Much of my work featured within the Society aims to capture the unique architecture of Ulverston, and local events such as The Ulverston Carnival, The Lantern Parade and The Dickensian Festival.  My figures interact with the still life of the buildings, in an attempt to animate the town and bring traditional events back to life for a contemporary audience.

Commissions are welcome. Landscapes, Portraits and Buildings are the primary subjects I prefer to work with.'


Membership applications sent to:

The Treasurer

184 Yarlside Road


LA13 0EY

Tel: 01229 820 954

Or check out our Facebook page and send us a private message.

Other contacts:

Committee team

Andy Currie-Scarr:      07921 063 991

Mary Calvert:              01229 820 954

Alan Calvert:               01229 820 954

Solveig Cardew:         01229 582 558

Brenda Craven:          07767 754 614

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