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Brenda Craven

I started painting after many years’ absence as life got in the way, and have now been painting in watercolour, oils, acrylics and pastels for 20 years.

Oils and pastels are my favourite media for larger studies but I do a lot of watercolour as I produce my own cards.

I am also a crafter.

In the last few years I have become Chairperson of the Ulverston Society of Artists and a member of one of the Bardsea art groups which is where my journey into painting began.


From left to right these are the following titles, sizes and prices of the above paintings available to purchase (Please email if you are interested in buying one/any)

‘Not the wind’ Medium: Watercolour     Size: 18”x14”        £40.00 unframed + P&P

‘The Outbuildings  Medium: Oil      Size: 16”x20”      £40.00 unframed + P&P

‘Tenby harbour’ Medium: Oil    Size: 12”x18”      £40.00 unframed + P&P

‘Pilar rock of Ennerdala’ Medium: Watercolour    Size: 12”x10”    £25.00 unframed + P&P

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