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Ulverston Society of Artists holds a number of exhibitions during the year to increase the awareness of the society but more importantly show off the fantastic quality and diversity of our artists.  The following gives you an idea of what to expect from each exhibition.

Library showcase (Spring and autumn)

The Library showcase is a mini pop up event situated in the Library, Ulverston next to the bus station.  It is a two week event and although not an "official" Ulverston Society of Artists exhibition, it gives our artists a chance to exhibit smaller work in this cosy little venue.  A browser bursting at the seams with mounted prints and originals can be perused and our 4 boards back and front are hung with miniature works that are affordable for everyone.

This takes place in the Spring (April) and Autumn (October).  For more information please get in touch.

Annual exhibition (ante-room, coronation hall)

The Charter Exhibition is our main event of the year.  This is held at the Coronation Hall in the Supper Room on the first floor.  It is a large space with a good light source, lots of space for our display boards to exhibit 100+ pieces of work.  


This friendly, manned event is open during the Mayor's Charter Festival ending with the Lantern Festival on the last weekend.   It is a well attended festival from far and wide, our exhibition is open from 10am - 9pm for 4 days, Thursday to Sunday in September (dates to be confirmed).

We are so confident in our artists abilities and professionalism, that this 2018 we are allowing our artists to submit work without a selection day.  Each artist is allowed to submit 3 pieces of work, 3D work if applicable, mounted prints and originals for our browser.  

Dickensian festival (ante-room, coronation hall)

Ending our year of exhibits is our participation in the fantastic Dickensian Festival, the last weekend of November.  This very popular tourist attraction brings in the crowds by the bus loads and we don't say this lightly!  The weather can be cold but it is warmed by mulled wine and festive cheer.  There is also the chance to see Queen Victoria and all manners of life from the Dickensian period in full character and dress, including our artists who man the exhibition.


The exhibition gives artist that last chance to top off a good year of exhibiting but for the audiences a chance to grab a bargain if your lucky enough.

The artwork can vary considerably in this exhibition with artists exhibiting Christmas scenes ahead of the festive period, local landscapes from Cumbria, artists interpretations of the Lantern Festival from September through to Pop icons, wildlife or pets and abstract work to get the most ponderous minds working.

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